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Thermal Drones

We know how scary it is to have a loved one missing. That’s why we use our drones for licensed and insured search and rescue missions. Grubs employs the latest in thermal drone technology to quickly and accurately pick up on heat changes in the environment. Using the information you provide, we can work quickly to accurately identify what we’re looking for when we find it. 

Thermal drones can fly to extraordinary heights and survey areas that would otherwise be too difficult or dangerous to search. Our drones make locating lost people, pets, and even livestock simple. Grubs has conducted multiple successful missions solo and in conjunction with other organizations. 

Why should you choose a thermal drone for your search and rescue mission?

  • Not a second is wasted when you use drones for search and rescue. They can spring into action right away. This rapid deployment is critical for locating missing people and animals. 
  • Drones provide an aerial view, and are capable of searching dangerous areas with no risk to searchers. This enables rescuers to explore dense forests, remote terrain, or disaster-stricken zones. 
  • We use thermal drones that can detect heat signatures. They are incredibly useful for locating people, pets, or livestock in low light conditions or at night. 
  • In rural areas, drones can help locate lost or injured livestock. Farmers and ranchers can use drones to check on the well-being of their animals, ensuring their safety and health.


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